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The Global Medical Device Nomenclature

The GMDN system provides a single, global nomenclature system for the regulation of medical devices, used by authorities, health care providers, medical device manufacturers and suppliers as well as affiliated parties.

GMDN Codes

A 5 digit code, representing a term name with a definition, covers numerous types of medical devices and related products used in the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of disease or injury in humans. The GMDN codes enable the identification of medical devices with similar features using the same single system, to exchange information on market surveillance and vigilance. Today, the GMDN system is used in the European Databank EUDAMED and also for product registrations in several EU member states.

GMDN Structure

The official categorization of the products is based on a three level structure.

  1. Device Category, which includes 20 categories, based on ISO 15225.
  2. Generic Device Group, which contains the GMDN terms and codes having different functions like product identification or navigation assistance within the data base.
  3. Device Type, which provides unique information used for declarations of conformity, product type registrations and traceability.

Selection of GMDN Codes

The large number of more than 20,000 defined terms makes it very important to select the correct product code. To access the GMDN database provided by the GMDN Agency, your membership is required, for which an annual membership fee must be paid.

MedNet is a registered member at the GMDN database and can assist you in the selection of the appropriate code. Additionally, we can support you with medical device registration requirements in the individual European member states.

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